Masterpiece 2011 London Fair Ending Today with Items Still Fetching Incredible Sums

The Masterpiece 2011 London Fair is ending today with some of the world’s most exquisite collectable pieces on show… and selling for immense sums. As of yet, the fair’s highest-fetching seller is John Carlton-Smith, who sold an incredible 13-inch high decorative mantel clock set in silver by Robert Ward London for over £200,000 ($322,410). According to Luxury Launches, the incredible piece features a “very fine gilt mount including the busts of George III and Queen Charlotte inlaid with jewels and standing on four silver elephants.”

Another of the fair’s big-ticket items is a Spitfire aircraft prototype, which is reportedly a symbol of the Battle of Britain victory, selling for an even higher price than the exquisite Robert Ward clock at £8 million ($13 million).  Other gems of the fair include a 1930 Butchoff Antiques stand by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company of London for £175,000, a ceramic head by renowned Japanese ceramicist Takahiro Kondo set in a colorful precious metal-based surface glaze priced at £14,200, and a stunning Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art – Chagall et l’Opera de Paris chronograph which is finally going on sale this year to the delight of collectors. The rare piece comes from of a collection of 15 models to sell at a yet undisclosed price.