Haute Toys: Steinway Lyndorf’s New $22,100 Speakers Deliver Big Sound in a Small Package

Whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just a fan of technology’s finer things, everyone can surely appreciate the new S Series from Steinway Lyngdorf speaker system. The common myth that gargantuan speakers produce better sound may be dismissed with these sleek and discreet pieces, which are small and design-conscious, yet able to produce big, powerful sound that will delight discerning ears. The system makes great use of little space, making it the ultimate audio setup for home, office, yacht… anywhere where space is a premium and sacrifice of quality is not.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the S Series’ sound remains crystal clear throughout the full spectrum – despite the smaller speaker size – and sounds exceptionally great towards the lower end. Whereas most subwoofers produce “nothing more than an ambiguous rumble”, this system delivers actual notes.

The $22,100 system’s speakers are designed to be mounted directly to a wall, or even built into it, making the subwoofers – of which two are required for stereo setup – virtually invisible. Audiophiles may cringe, as they all know that most speakers should be situated away from the wall, but these smart pieces of techy goodness compensate with raw computing power. Utilizing a digital processor, the system can transform the smallest rooms into a most acoustically conducive environment, delivering frequencies flawlessly.

Design-wise, the system is of no sacrifice and is a nice change to bulkier setups. In addition to the speakers, a subwoofer, digital processor, and a proprietary digital amplifier are required, but the freedom lies in the speaker placement. Small and powerful, the speakers can be installed nearly anywhere and still provide sterling sound. Once placed, sound measurements are taken throughout the room in order to optimize the system.

For more information, visit www.steinwaylyngdorf.com.