Haute Toys: Bang & Olufsen’s New 3D TV is 85 Inches, £100,000, and Awesome

Danish design company Bang & Olufsen makes a slew of lust worthy goods and gadgetry, the latest of which is their inaugural 3D TV – also one of the most expensive sets ever made. The sleek BeoVision 4-85 is host to an 85-inch plasma screen, an array of high-tech features, innovative motorized stand, a host of customization and programming options, and a price tag of £100,000 (about $160,742).

According to Tech Radar, the stunning TV has the same display as Panasonic‘s TH-85VX200, making it unarguably of top quality. As of now, the BeoVision 4-85 is the only plasma screen sold by the renowned brand but will soon become the smallest of the BeoVision line, as their non-3D 65-incher is soon to be phased out by an incredible 103-inch version, the BeoVision 4-103.

The customization options are another part of why the TV set is highly coveted. As a service to their high-paying customers, Bang & Olufsen’s engineers take orders as to what other gadgets you have – for example, a BluRay player and a DVR – and they integrate controls for them right into the remote control that comes with the console.

One big “wow” feature of the set is its innovative TV stand, which accents its gorgeous look. While standard ones pivot or wriggle, this new one elevates. Upon switching the TV on with the remote, the set raises up to reveal the BeoLab 10 speaker, making it a very impressive feature. When it is switched off, it similarly retracts back down.

The set is not as easy to acquire as some of the brand’s other gadgets, however. With its large size and 500kg weight, a site survey is required beforehand to make sure that the TV will fit through the doorway and that the location’s walls or floor would be capable of supporting the structure. If it does make it through the survey, however, the set is sure to satisfy and impress.