Haute Eat: Chi’Zen

Chi’zen, a high-end Cantonese restaurant has just opened its second location in a convenient location adjacent to the new Pullman Hotel in Mall of the Emirates. Based on the notion of traditional dishes with contemporary presentation, the restaurant offers an extensive menu
conceptualised by Head Chef, Jeff Low and featuring a large variety of traditional dishes with a modern edge.

Upon entrance into this tucked away abode, my guest and I were immediately taken by the interior’s level of sophistication. The restaurant’s location inside the the Mall of the Emirates did not prompt expectations of such elegance. Utilizing a colour palette of striking blacks and rich red shades similar to that of its counterpart in Festival City, Chi’zen’s spacious settings and lavish private dining area suitable for up to 15 people is designed to transport guests from the bustle of the mall into a tranquil Asian ambiance.

We began our meal with refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail drinks of mint lemonade and tangy lychee lemonade accompanied by delightful steaming crystal prawn dumplings, crispy wasabi prawns, and vegetarian dumplings. Known for its Pecking Duck with Chinese pancakes, we watched in awe as our waiter rolled over a beautifully carved duck and began to cut precise strips for us to fill into our pancakes.

We were explained how Chi’zen has opted out from using the common ingredient of Monosodium Glutamate (know as MSG) in Chinese food. While many restaurants choose to use MSG to enhance the flavour of their dishes, the restaurant worked with the Chef Jeff Low to produce dishes which rely on fresh ingredients rather than artificial additives to create the same taste.

For our mains we opted for the Steamed Hammour, a zesty Pok Choi Garlic, and one of the restaurant’s signature dishes: the Zen Seafood Clay Pot featuring a simmering array of mixed seafood with spicy broth. A delicate Jasmine Tea Brulee rounded off our meal with sweet creamy accents of the exotic herb.

A wonderfully delectable way to escape from the crowds of Mall of the Emirates, Chi’Zen offers zen-like tranquility through a tantalizing Asian culinary journey.


Mall of the Emirates

+971 43951801