Demand for Luxury Vehicles is On the Fast Track

You slide into the chic leather interior of your brand new automobile and your fingers slowly tighten themselves around the steering wheel. It is the perfect fit as if this seat in the lap of luxury was created specifically for you. This may sound like the beginnings of an extravagant car commercial but rather it is quickly becoming a reality for more drivers around the world as the demand for luxury cars reaches new heights.

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Some of the world’s most sought after brands have seen an influx in sales throughout the past year. Much loved Mercedes-Benz sold more cars in the first part of 2011 than in any previous year and Audi continued the trend selling more cars last quarter than ever before in the United States. BMW rounded out the group out-selling both companies in the U.S. so far this year.

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The rising demand for opulence does not end in the United States. The real increase in sales is connected to BRIC countries. The people of India asked for stunning vehicles and Audi answered more than doubling its sales in the nation reaching an all-time high. Most notably China’s requests for lavish cars meant a 52 percent rise in the purchase of Mercedes-Benz models.

These three magnificent brands show no signs of slowing down. With wealthy road warriors taking over streets around the world lesser models better be prepared to step up their game or steer clear of the fast lane.

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