Haute Yachts: The Adastra, the Innovative Luxury Trimaran Five Years in the Making

For more than five years now, a yacht has been in development to meet the needs of an experienced seafaring Hong Kong couple and their family – power, comfort, style, and supreme luxury. The Adastra 42.5m Trimaran – currently under construction at McConaghy Boats in China – is the product of these five years of design, a stunning yacht with excellent sea keeping qualities, low fuel consumption, and luxe accommodations.

Building on the power trimaran concept, the Adastra takes it one step further by making it into a powerful yet luxurious and comfortable yacht. This innovation required not only forward-thinking design, but also further research and development to achieve the utmost stability for the type of craft.

The craft’s breathtaking structural look has been pored over by designers to work with all the major components of the yacht while achieving the light weight necessary for its extraordinarily low fuel consumption. With a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb core, glass and Kevlar hull, and lightweight honeycomb oak interior features, nearly every aspect of the magnificent structure has been custom built to reduce weight. A state-of-the-art SiMON² system monitors fuel, security, pump sensors, electrical, lights, and more. The Adastra is being celebrated for its amazing fuel efficiency, helped by a fully automated fuel management system with an Alfa Laval system to clean the fuel.

No expense has been spared in matching the ship’s stellar craftsmanship to its interior opulence. Under the design of Jespen Designs, a Hong Kong-based architectural and interior design firm, the interior is crisp, clean, modern, and bright, while still maintaining a feeling of warmth through clean wood paneling, cabinetry, and floors.

The aft deck is primed for watching a sunset with a sofa and bar area to port with a spacious salon area on the main deck that boasts spectacular panoramic views as well as a lounge area, dining area, and navigation station at starboard.

Below deck, living accommodations are spacious, beautifully designed, and full of light. A full-width master cabin is located at aft with access from the salon on the deck, in addition to two guest cabins, crew accommodations, and a galley, with a total comfortable capacity for nine guests and up to six crewmembers.

[Source: Yacht Forums]