Haute Time: The $270,000 Limited Edition Porsche Design Watch

A stunning new Porsche has made its debut – it’s the not the kind you’re thinking of, but it is as impressive. A limited edition Porsche Design watch is now the new lust worthy item from the celebrated brand, and it is several times over more pricey that its automotive counterpart. Priced at $270,000, the piece is a true symbol of Porsche’s sterling craftsmanship.

According to The National, only 50 of these incredible timepieces have been made and only 11 that are specific to this exclusive design and price. Comprised of 18-carat gold, titanium, and rubber, the wristwatch is available strictly under the discretion of Dubai Mall’s Porsche Design store.

With design by Porsche and superb manufacturing by Swiss watch company Eterna, the piece boasts clasps and a body made of sumptuous rose gold with a titanium face and sporty rubber straps evocative of Porsche tires. The face also features a stopwatch and second timer, while a dial turns from green to red as the watch runs out of power. The movement from the watch being worn keeps the stoplight-like indicator powered but, in the event power does run low, it would need just a simple rewinding.

In 2008, the Porsche Design store in the Dubai Mall ordered two of the exclusive watches, which were both sold promptly to the owner of a global beverage chain. The store now carries 7 more of the incredible pieces, but the demand is high. Wael al Takhin, general manager for Porsche Design in the UAE, explains, “People want to be unique and different, they do not want to walk down the street and see someone wearing the same thing.” With the exclusivity – and price tag – that comes with this piece, we don’t see that being a problem.