Haute Time: Eric Clapton’s Rare Vintage Rolex Submariner with Explorer Dial

Eric Clapton is known for many things – mostly his unparalleled talents that have made him a rock legend and three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But one of his perhaps lesser-known passions is one for fine timepieces – namely vintage Rolexes. While vintage Rolexes themselves are incredibly valuable pieces of horology, those owned by celebrities make them even more coveted. Recently to hit the auction market is Clapton’s former 5513 Submariner with a rare Explorer dial.

The exceptional watch was sold by Clapton at a Christie’s auction in 2003 that featured an astounding 25 of his watches23 Rolexes and 2 Patek Philippes – for a mere $9,350 for the Submariner. Now years later, the watch is sure to fetch a much higher price. The piece is being sold through Fourtane in Carmel and is celebrated for its rare Explorer 3,6,9 Dial, a dial variation that is used characteristically for Rolex’s Explorer models, but seldom appeared on 5513 Submariners – precisely the reason why Clapton himself had to own it for his own collection.

[Source: Hodinkee]