Haute Event: Catena Family Wine Celebration

What makes wine good? Is it the year, location, manufacturer? How does a family brand go about being recognized as one of the better ones? These are all questions the Catena family asked for generations. On May 24, Billy and Gordon Getty held a celebration of Argentine culture and wine in honor of the Catena Family.

In the ’80s, Nicholas Catena hoped his wine would make a name for itself. Now more then 20 years later, not only did his wine make a name for itself, so did Nicholas. In 2009, Nicholas was named the Decanter Man of the Year by Decanter Wine Magazine in Europe.

The evening was filled with celebration, great wine, and great food. Special Argentine dishes such as Torta Pascualina and Chivito Sandwich were prepared by Jennifer Johnson. Guests sipped on a few selections of Chardonnays in a ‘blind’ tasting. The red wine table was filled with interesting selections of Luca Syrah, a leading fine wine brand, along with Pinot Noir and Tikal Patriota, which is a mixture of Malbec and Bonarda.

For more information on Catena Family Wine please check out their link.