Chocolate, Charity, and Children: Chocol’art on 16 June in Beirut

Chocolate, charity and children- this is the enticing mix of which makes up Chocol’art, a special fundraising event taking place in Beirut at the Mouawad Palace Gardens on 16 June in aid of the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) which provides free treatment of children with cancer. All proceeds of the event will go to benefit the CCL.

Chocol’art was was founded by residents of Dubai Mo Fadlallah, Ali Hashemi and Alex Mir. The idea originated from a simple party they hosted in 2007  to pay homage and devour the chocolate brand known as Nutella. A party for a small crowd of 40 people quickly turned into a Nutella celebration and catered to around 400 people. The hotel jazz venue which hosted the event contributed  chocolate fountains, canapé delights and mocktails all related to the theme of Nutella.  So successful was the event that the boys continued to host what became known as ‘Nutella Nights’ around every six months in Dubai. Over 3 years almost 2,000 people attended the ‘Nutella Nights’.

Nutella Nights was not just about emerging oneself in chocolate; it was also about charity. In 2009 they embarked on a huge fund raising initiative with Nutella for the Palestian Children’s Relief Fund. Many items, including a pair of tennis shoes by Roger Federer, were auctioned off at the event. The event also managed to raise 470 jars of Nutella which were sent out courtesy of the Red Crescent to the children in Gaza.

In 2010, the Nutella Boyz as they became known, decided to re-brand their concept and focus on developing the Chocol’art concept to take place each summer in Beirut. “We wanted to make the event unique, original, cheeky and different to most charity events,” says one of the founders Mo Fadlallah. “The idea really is to invite and encourage the worlds of fashion, jewelry design, art, graffiti, photography and all things related to sweet stuff to create bespoke and original pieces or works that be displayed at the event and auctioned off, all related to the theme of Chocolate, Children and Art! The events will  be a festival of fun and a celebration of creativity where galleries, shops, business’s and individuals come together for worthy children’s causes.”

Chocol’art is a a truly creative event which will bring people together through art and food while benefiting a worthy cause. This is an occasion not to miss. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth, get artistic, and ultimately, do good.

Mo Fadlallah is Managing & Creative Director of Integrity Media & Film, Ali Hashemi is a Principal at Booz & Co, Alex Mir is owner of DNA events in Dubai.

Chocol’art, Mouawad Palace Gardens, Downtown Beirut

7pm Thursday, June 16th

For tickets call 70 850 500. Contributions of $75 include an open bar

For more information email