Fashion Friday at the Boom Boom Room with Marc Bouwer

The ultra-chic and exclusive  Boom Boom Room, now known as Top of the Standard, was filled to the brim with the fashionable and sexy, Friday night. I joined designer Marc Bouwer, who recently dressed Melissa Leo for the Oscars, and his hottie boyfriend/business manager Eric Wheeler to talk about his upcoming swimwear line.  Also at our table was the fabulously creative Brad Beckerman, who is the brains behind the A-list branding and marketing firm IT Worldwide, but more recently, he has founded the Original Moonshine, the newest quadruple distilled corn whiskey to hit the bar scene. This meeting of the minds was made complete by mixologist Shem Blum who poured out the Moonshine cocktails for us to sip as we talked fashion and passion.

Last year’s swimwear line from Marc featured one gorgeous electric blue number that made it into Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.  This season, although he can’t tell us all his secrets, he does have a couple sneak peaks. (We will get to see the whole line at their fabulous launch parties in Miami and NYC in the coming months.) Marc says we can look out for colorful and fun patterns that incorporate designs never before seen. And we’ve got a scoop – he is also planning to launch a men’s swimwear line for the very first time. Looks for the men’s line are under lock and key, but we are sure they will be trim and titillating.

And one other little tip, if you love Marc’s fashions… he appeared on CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Friday night, as himself! While we were too busy sipping to watch, you can bet it’s DVR’d and ready for viewing.