Your New Indoor Loop Golf Getaway

Need to work on your spring swing without having to worry about the weather or drive to the ‘burbs? Welcome to your new downtown man cave. A hideout from the office- in someone else’s.

Chicago’s new premier, year-round indoor golf experience, Play 18 an urban escape from the everyday. Centrally located in the heart of the Loop, Play 18 provides top-shelf services within a relaxed country club atmosphere. The 3rd floor range features the latest in golf technology advancements- including PGA Tour Simulators and personal Driving Bays- paired with a luxury lounge.

The Simulators are fully loaded with Immersive Play Technology- allowing you to play over 50 of the world’s greatest courses without ever leaving the Loop. This technology employs complex mathematics and physics of the in-flight golf ball to fully simulate lift and drag coefficients, spin decay, the effects of wind currents, and more to most accurately reproduce an outdoor golf experience.

Improve your game without breaking a sweat. Or head over for a drink with the boys.

17 North Wabash. Ave. 3rd floor. 312.251.0540.