Haute Style: The Best Department Store Mascaras

Want to add something youthful, fresh and fun to your day-to-day or night-out look? Get a great catwalk effect with the trick of colored mascara. We love, love, love colored mascara, making appearances in a sheer of recent color collections from Givenchy to YSL. You can make your eyelashes appear fuller, longer or make a statement with colored mascaras. Navy hues give brown and blue eyes subtle spunk. Purple shades make green eyes more mysterious. Burgundy adds drama to any eye color. Brown is an alternative to basic black.

Mascara is almost magical, with a few strokes of the wand we have the ability to transform the eye. Darker lashes open up and emphasize your eyes, intensifying your eye color, defining the lash line. Makeup artist Charlotte Willer gives her own tip on colored mascaras for girls like us: “Try putting it on just the outer corners of your lash line,” she recommends, “for a surprise flash of color.”

1. Yves Saint Laurent “Volume Effect Faux Cils” ($30 at Nordstrom) – This is our favorite luxurious mascara. It has a triple film coating complex, a coating for film intensity, a conditioning film for curve and a fixing film for lasting results. It does not crumble, lasts all day and comes in 8 gorgeous colors.

2. Guerlain le 2 Mascara ($36 at Bloomingdale’s) This is Guerlain’s innovation. The mascara has two brushes – the first one transforms the eyelashes as it lengthens, curves and separates them, while the second one is designed to reach the smaller lashes. No lash is forgotten!

3. Dior “Diorshow Iconic Mascara” ($28 at Saks Fifth Avenue) Fashion icon-inspired mascara has large brush designed to deliver ultra glam lashes in one sweep. Thicker, curvier, sexier than you’ve ever seen your lashes before.

4. Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara ($29 at Neiman Marcus) Lancome’s first mascara to instantly condition your lashes. This mascara contains precious plant cells extracts and a volumizing complex to add fullness to your every flutter. Lash fallout is minimized during makeup removal.

What is your favorite mascara? Try out the colored options and let us know how you like it.

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