Looking for a laugh? Check out “Baby Wants Candy”

Kicking off it’s fifth year at Chicago’s Apollo Theater, “Baby Wants Candy” is a hilariously improvised musical production.  Cutting the typical months of prep and production time of a professional show into a mere two minutes, the audience shouts out a title of the nightly musical on the spot and then the cast creates a full-hour long song and dance extravaganza on the fly.

“Lady Gaga Does Hogwarts” (though I didn’t get many of the Harry Potter references) was smart, funny, and unpredictable from the awkward Alejandro reference to Hermoine Danger’s goody two-shoes portrayal. The quick-witted cast develops character profiles, makeshift choreography, lyrics, and a storyline as they go with some impressive ballads and raps thrown in.

“Baby Wants Candy” has performed over 1,700 completely improvised musicals to thousands of fans from New York to Singapore to Scotland.  The production has just returned from a smash hit engagement at the Assembly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is also currently running in New York City and Los Angeles. Notable BWC alums include Rachel Dratch and Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live; Stephanie Weir of MadTV; Nicole Parker of MadTV and WICKED; and Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock.

Check it out- you just might get to see the one-night only performance of “Sarah Palin, the Musical” or “How Captain Morgan Saved Christmas.”

Apollo Theatre. 2540 N. Lincoln Ave. 773.935.6100. http://babywantscandy.com/index.php