Haute Event: Exclusive Private Dinner Party at Tasting Table CEO’s SoHo Penthouse

Tasting Table joined forces with Kahlua to host an exclusive 16-seat dinner. The team-up was in honor of the Delicioso Night In initiative which aims to showcase the importance of staying in and enjoying good food and conversation. In NYC, where we all run around night after night, how appropriate (and necessary) is that? Handsome Tasting Table CEO Geoff Bartokovics held the intimate dinner in his beautiful SoHo penthouse. The gorgeous Dannielle Kyrillos of Top Chef: Just Desserts also attended.

It was great to kick back with a menu inspired by Kahlúa’s Veracruz heritage. We started with oysters, carnitas tostadas and scallop ceviche and moved on to a decadent pork belly on masa mash, and Veracruz-style fish stew with a spicy tomato broth.  The dessert course had everyone ooh-ing; a mexican hot chocolate cake with Kahlúa Creme Anglaise.  To accompany our eats were Kahlua cocktails including a Kahlua Fizz and Kahlua Sour. As most people exclusively associate the liquer with a White Russian, the innovative cocktails were pleasantly fun and a great use of the rich, coffee flavors of the spirit.

For more information, visit http://www.kahlua.com/DeliciosoNightIn.