Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Truffle Dinner For Your Loved One

Looking for what to cook for your Valentine’s Day dinner indoors? We’ve done all the research for you, so you can whip up one delectable and super-haute dinner for two.

Truffles are like culinary diamonds, delicious and oh-so-worth it. One of our favorite truffle purveyors is Sabatino Tartufi. They provide fresh truffles and truffle products. Sabatino receives hundreds of pounds of fresh truffles each week from Italy, so their truffles are always top quality. With their reputation as aphrodisiacs, black truffles are a great addition to any Valentine’s dinner. But if you want to go with more of a peripheral truffle flavor, you can also try their rich truffle butter, black and white truffle oils, truffle cream, or truffle salt.  Visit their website at

Looking for a good and simple truffle-incorporated recipe? I like to use super simple cooking techniques to help the flavor of truffles shine.  Additionally, we love gourmet, luxury foods retailer Agata & Valentina, because let’s face it, you don’t want to skimp on your ingredients. At their store on the Upper East Side you can pick up housemade fresh pasta, luxurious cheeses, and gourmet extra virgin olive oils.

Also, check out their fine desserts by pastry chef Eileen Guastella. If you want to stick with the truffle theme, include her hand-rolled chocolate truffles and her chocolate truffle cake with chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Agata & Valentina is located at 1505 First Avenue at 79th Street, and they deliver! 212.452.0690,