Philly’s Newest Hangout: The Corner

Don’t worry … when we tell you to head to The Corner at 13th and Drury, we aren’t expecting to to squat down on the pavement and watch he world go by. Instead, head inside that slick, white-painted brick building there, grab a stool at the marble-topped bar and enjoy.

Once The Apothecary and then the much-shorter APO, The Corner breathes new life into this Midtown Village space while somehow keeping in touch with the bar’s past. Still a destination for trendy cocktails, it now services up food to match the quality of the pours. It’s a bit lighter, a bit brighter and we are sure will prove a bit more popular.

As drinks go, The Corner caters to all manner of sins. Wines from around the globe and craft beers are available, all for under $10 a glass. Cocktails are creative and, perhaps unfortunately, a bit addicting. Our current favorite is the Lady Belladona, vanilla-scented vodka mixed with grapefruit, wintery spices and a splash of sparkling wine.

It may be marketed as a bar, but its obvious there’s a passion for the food here, quickly evident by the hire of Chef John Taus, formerly of Snackbar. Don’t expect just standard bar fare, either (although the do have a stellar burger). The octopus salad is tossed with fingerling potatoes and a tangy yogurt dressing with just enough acidity. The scamorza — aged mozzarella hit up with herbs and sambuca, then pan-friend until gooey — will make you forget about mozzarella sticks. And to further the cheesy goodness, checked out the grilled cheese, dressed to the nines with short ribs and truffles.

Head in and get warmed up now, but keep an eye on the things to come. Brunch offerings are on the horizon, as is the opening of their roof deck come spring weather.

The Corner is located at 102 South 13th St., 215.735.7500,