Combat-Ready Skincare Now at Juju Salon

When you head into the bathroom each morning and look at your face — that parchment-like dry skin, those winter-ravaged lips — it’s hard not to compare the scene to a war zone. So why not battle the brittleness with some serious ammunition, the Combat-Ready line by Skincando?

All organic and made in small batches by beauty specialist and licensed eco-esthetician Sara Damelio, the Combat-Ready products are designed to take on intense healing by soothing skin and restoring essential nutrients and moisture balance. The balm is a multi-taking salve that can do everything from calm inflamed skin, soothe eczema, heal windburn to even baby away diaper rash. The peppermint-flavored lip balm takes the same magic to the mouth, using coconut oil and shea butter to eliminate chapped lips. And the bar uses rosemary and brewed black tea to gently cleanse and naturally exfoliate.

Need a testimonial? Ask the 6,000 American military members who have used Combat-Ready to fight the results of dessert winds and freezing cold nights. After a wife sent her Iraq-based husband the salve in a care package to help him deal with sand flea bites and chapped skin, the requests began pouring in. Damelio responded by starting Operation Sand Flea, using a portion of the proceeds from stateside sales to send care packages the those stationed abroad.

Winter in Philly may seem harsh, but it’s no fox hole. To take on the wind with this tried and true line, head to organic beauty destination Juju Salon & Organics.

Juju Salon & Organics is located at 713 South Fourth St., 215.238.6080,