“In My Body” Blends Three Art Shows

For many of us, the daily task of living within our own bodies is at once natural and confusing. From the daily reminders each morning when a pair of jeans no longer fits the right way to the anxiety that can accompany the purchase of a new swim suit, the way we look at our body and how it behaves makes up a large part of how we see ourselves as people. A three-part art exhibition, a project of the KatherineAlexandra Foundation, takes a look at this relationship and tries to help us understand the complexities.

The first part is an art show on display at the Wexler Gallery now through December 31. A display of photographs and paintings by Leah McDonald, the pieces pay homage to the female human form and look at the beauty and the stress it causes. Today at 11:30 a.m., a round-table discussion that will include a panel of experts and the contributions of guests will look at the concepts of body image and self esteem. And finally, The Painted Bride will host a performance January 22 and 23 mixing dance, music, video, and featuring the talents of Melanie Stewart, Dan Martian and Michael Biello, all of which were inspired by the photographs in the exhibition.

Guests are encouraged to view the art instillation, then attend the discussion to share their reactions and thoughts. Emotionally charged and, for women, extremely personal, the exhibition is sure to make a profound impact on those who participate.

Wexler Gallery is located 201 North Third St., 215.923.7030, www.wexlergallery.com. The Painted Bride is located at 230 Vine St., 215.925.9914, www.paintedbride.org.