Can the Meat: The Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Boston

Carnivores be darned:  Boston is home to some of the tastiest vegetarian restaurants on the planet.  With non-meat options having evolved over the past century to include things like varieties of spicy braised tofu and seared-to-perfection portobello mushrooms, don’t be surprised if we ask you to pass the hummus at these Top 5 vegetarian restaurants.

The Red Lentil

The Red Lentil is dedicated to providing its patrons with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in their signature vegetarian and vegan dishes. The menu is updated seasonally, with house “favorites”—seriously, try the sweet potato quesadilla—available year-round.

The Red Lentil is located at 600 Mount Auburn Street in Watertown

My Thai Vegan Café

Vegetarian fare is anything but bland at My Thai, where a venerable cornucopia of curries, exotic fruit and fresh herbs await. We especially like the Tom Yum Tow-Hoo, laden with lemongrass-infused tofu and a tart hot-and-sour sauce, which carries its weight in flavor but not in calories.

My Thai Vegan Café is located at 3 Beach Street in Boston


Faux meat is a dining faux pas, but seitan, a protein derived from wheat gluten, is satisfying in a meaty, filling way. Grasshopper offers ten varieties of this tasty substitute, ranging from stir fries with cabbage and coconut to a spicy concoction with black beans and peppers. (And priced at under $10 for each seitan-style meal, why not try them all?)

Grasshopper is located at 1 North Beacon Street in Allston

Peace o’ Pie

Peace o Pie’s commitment to delivering earth-friendly fare goes beyond its strictly vegan pizza menu:  the restaurant itself was constructed from sustainable materials during its recent renovation, and composts virtually everything.  Be sure to check out Monday’s slice night, where those just venturing into vegan can try a slice o’ the day for $3.

Peace o’ Pie is located at 487 Cambridge Street in Allston

The Pulse Café

Run by veteran vegan chef Bob Bouley, The Pulse Café fits perfectly into the eco-friendly ambiance of nearby Davis Square. Boston is a brunch town, for sure; be prepared to fall in love with Pulse’s French toast, beset with sweet cashew cream and agave syrup.

The Pulse Café is located at 195 Elm Street in Davis Square