Hearts On Fire Diamonds Blaze at New Bernie Robbins Boutique

As anyone who has every shopped for one knows, all diamonds are not the same. Oh sure, most of them are darn right beautiful and would happily be scooped up by a happy recipient. But when you are giving the best sparkler out there, shouldn’t it, too, be the best? Cut, clarity, carat and color all suddenly come in to play, and shopping can get significantly more difficult. In order to help out well intentioned men, Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers recently opened a Hearts On Fire® boutique.

Hearts On Fire diamonds are marked as “the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds.” Focusing on the “cut” angle, the diamonds are cut at 100 times magnification, 10 times the industry standard. Perfectly symmetrical and with increased surface area, the result is a stone that shines with exceptional brilliance.

While these popular new pieces are available at a few of the area’s top jewelers, Bernie Robbins  is the only store in the Philadelphia region to feature an exclusive Hearts On Fire boutique. The boutique delivers a fabulous assortments of diamond rings, earrings and pendants, including both complete and customizable engagement rings.

Bernie Robbins opened the 500-square-foot boutique at its Radnor Hotel store November 4 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Top clients, area fashion experts and media celebrated with champagne and gourmet bites. They’ve seen the sparkle, head over and see it, too — if only so you can complete this year’s holiday wish list with confidence.

Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers is located at 595 East Lancaster Avenue, St. Davids, 610-971-2446, www.bernierobbins.com.