Fauchon Chocolates Introduces Their Newest Delicious Collection

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate? Not only do they tantalize your taste buds, but studies have shown they may also elevate your mood. Luxury chocolatier Fauchon is releasing a new collection at the end of October called “Choc, Made in F.” The fine chocolates, created by Pascal Caffet, are not only a taste of pure indulgence, but a visual revelation, making for quite the experience for chocoholics everywhere.

The collection of 20 exquisite morsels is made of two types of chocolate; one is dark chocolate made with criollo cocoa beans from Venezuela’s Barlovento region, and the second is 40 percent milk chocolate made with Ivory Coast forastero beans. Flavors include caramel, coffee and pistachio.

You can find Fauchon’s new line of chocolates at www.tasteofparis.us.