Play It Smooth With European Wax Center

Every morning, we spend countless hours in front of the mirror getting ready to face the day. We primp, we pad, we polish and we pluck. It’s that last one that gets me. No matter what tools I scoop up or tips I try to follow, the shaving/plucking/waxing fiasco always ends in exasperation. Obviously, it’s time for me to lean on the support of the professionals. And now that the area has its first European Wax Center, its going to be a breeze.

European Wax Centers are focused purely on cosmetic hair removal, so you don’t have to schedule an appointment between someone else’s massage or pedicure. They employ only highly trained wax specialists and use soothing, high quality products to make the experience as painless as can be possible.

The new Horsham location is a white-washed boutique that provides an appealing balance of luxury and convenience. The process is streamlined yet soothing: a calming cleanser is followed by a pre-depilatory oil to ensure sensitive areas are protected, then an alcohol-free, all natural wax does the dirty work while a rejuvenation finisher prevents ingrown hairs.

Been going to the girl in the back room of the Center City nail salon for years and scared to head elsewhere? Take the center for a test drive. Sign up on their website or inquire at the store, and you’ll receive one free treatment. Once you are sold there are lots of other great promotional deals, too, like an Unlimited Wax Pass to ensure that you have no excuses for not being prepared for spur-of-the-moment hot tub situations.

European Wax Center is located at 100 Welsh Road, Horsham, 215.657.1159,