Philly’s Live Arts & Fringe Fests Start Today

Photo by Sally Cohn

Philly loves the arts; hey, we named an entire street after them. Theater, orchestra, opera, dance — there are troupes and companies all over the city creating amazing, original work every day. It’s impossible to know about it all, though, let alone see and appreciate it. Thank goodness for the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe, September’s celebration of these artists and the best way to get a serious helping of their talents.

Running today, September 3, through September 18, the dual fest gives every creative mind in the city their chance to shine. The Live Arts angle is larger scale, featuring 15 hand-selected acts from the city and across the globe. Check out a series of eight dance performances featuring eight local choreographers, a quirky take on the classic Romeo & Juliet by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma or the creation of another breathtaking city mural — Cosmic Terrarium — by four artists.

The Fringe is more organic, allowing any area artists to create a piece and perform it for the community with the marketing and box office support of the organization. In 2009 more than 175 performances sprung up around the city. With 188 slated for this year, it’s set to be the largest in its 14-year history.

After catching a show or two, head to the Festival Bar, a temporary club on the Delaware River waterfront where you can mingle with artists and appreciators alike.The space will host DJs, dance parties and other events over the course of the festival.

Ready to organize your two-week indulgence in arts and culture? Head to to view a full list of events and purchase tickets.