Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Chicago

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the haute 5 ice cream shops. And we’re talking full calories, grams of fat and all the gooey goodness that brings out the youthful exuberance in everyone. Frozen yogurt need not apply. Because everyone needs to indulge every now and then.

Original Rainbow Cone

Always a favorite at the Taste of Chicago, the original rainbow cone has been a Chicago staple for 84 years in their institutional pink building. Made of a rainbow of orange sherbet, pistachio, Palmer House (Venetian Vanilla with cherries and walnuts), Strawberry and Chocolate, the seamless integration of flavors and colors has been a favorite for generations.

9233 S. Western. 773.238.7075. http://www.rainbowcone.com/

Margie’s Candies

If you like old school, there’s nothing better than sharing an ice cream sundae to bring back the nostalgic ‘20s. In the same location for 80 years, Margie’s makes homemade fudge sauce, marzipan and toffee. Delicious.

1960 N. Western Ave. 773.384.1035. http://www.margiescandies.com

i Cream

On the flip side, go from old school to new school. i Cream is a futuristic wonderland that lets you invent any creation your imagination can dream up in the ice cream lab. Pick your base texture, flavor and color- pink vanilla, check. It’s a mind trip.

1537 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773.342.2834. www.icreamcafe.com/

Bobtail Ice Cream Company

Sometimes it’s good to mentally escape urban life. With a serious small town feel, Bobtail will mentally transport you to a simpler time and put a smile on your face with childish joy of their creations. The best part is, they let you suggest your own flavors and actually make the best ones. Standouts include Goat Cheese Strawberry Swirl, Wasabi Vanilla and Blueberry Brownie. mmm.

2951 N. Broadway. 773.880.7372. http://www.bobtailicecream.com/

Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop & Soda Fountain

Gourmet chocolate and caramel sauces? Yes, please. Indulge in unforgettable fountain treats including shakes, floats, malts and other delectable creations made with signature Ghiradelli chocolate.

830 N. Michigan Ave. 312.337.9330. http://www.ghirardelli.com/