Philly’s Hollandia Makes Up First iPad-Ready Bed

Depending on your crazy work hours, multiple club appearances and early morning boot camp work-outs, you probably spend about one-third of your life in bed. For even the most sleep-deprived person, that’s a big chunk of time. Philly-based Hollandia International is dedicated to making sure those sleepy moments are as luxurious as possible, and to that effect they have recently launched the first iPad-compatible bed.

Dreampt up with the team from Therapedic, the iCon bed features a Dual-Core 3D mattress (which allows both users to adjust various features of the mattress to meet their discriminating tastes), custom headboard with two iPod docking stations and built-in 250-watt speakers. The frame is available in more than 200 color and fabric combination, assuring that your inner techie and designer can play nicely. The iCon will set you back about $20,000.

No iPad? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re a late adapter. Instead, may we suggest checking out Hollandia’s Elite model, decked out with a retractable Sony Bravia flat screen TV, DVD/CD changer, surround sound and a dock for your tried-and-true iPod?

Other models include massage therapy, security safes and — embracing the term “nightcap” — built-in wine coolers.

All of Hollandia’s stunning sleep sets include their high quality mattresses, made of fine materials like aloe vera fabric and coconut fibers.

Hollandia’s Old City showroom is one of only two in the United States, so enjoy the easy access you have to these couture mattresses and head on over for a “rest test.”

Hollandia International is located at 149 North Third Street, Philadelphia, 215.923.2616,