Official Launch of J Black’s Weekender Brunch

We like our brunches here in Dallas, which is why we have the luxury of being picky when it comes to deciding where to have that crucial Sunday cocktail. When I heard J Black’s Feel Good Lounge was adding a brunch menu to their repertoire,  I was intrigued. When I learned this included a Bloody Mary bar, I cleared my schedule for the weekend.

The concept of the Bloody Mary bar is simple: Make it how you like it. Celery salt? A1 sauce? Black olives? You got it. And for a mere $4 for all that with Ketel One vodka, it’s a hard deal to pass up (More of a mimosa drinker? $2 a pop.) Of course, if you want some food to wash down all that booze, J Black’s has some serious breakfast options. Choose from five different sizable breakfast tacos, all named after years the Cowboys won the Super Bowl (go for the 1993, sundried tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, egg and goat cheese), an open-faced egg sandwich on Texas toast, traditional migas as well as the classic Eggs Benedict with prosciutto on a sourdough muffin, which Chef Bobby Weddle will suggest you try. And there’s no need to get up super early to catch this one: brunch is served until 4 p.m., and they even seem to be pretty flexible on that.

It’s evident that the nightlife epicenter that is Henderson Ave is starting to become daylight-friendly, great news for the neighborhood. J Black’s co-owner Brian Franzman says he is glad they chose this area for the restaurant’s home, with other Dallas scenes losing their luster, like the potential midnight curfew for all bars on Greenville Avenue. “We’re going to help fight it,” Franzman said of the proposition. “That kind of curfew will basically end what’s left of Greenville.” That’s right, J Black’s got our back.

J Black’s Feel Good Lounge, 2409 N. Henderson Avenue, 214.613.2525,