Nutritional Pizza at Naked Pizza Bares it All

Cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and mushroom. Pizza is one of the most loved foods around, but with everything delicious, there is always a downside. Luckily, Naked Pizza allows you to have your pizza and eat it too.

The chain, which is set to open this month on South Beach’s 13th and Washington, promotes healthful pizza. The concept began in 2006 in New Orleans and now there are 96 Naked Pizzas in the process of bringing their gourmet slices to hungry foodies.

With all this talk we couldn’t skimp on telling you what is it that makes Naked Pizza so great, so here’s a few of its standout factors.

–       Their “Ancestral Blend” crust is a combination of nuts, roots, whole grains, and heat-resistance probiotics.

–       There’s a gluten-free crust option for $1 extra.

–       The mozzarella cheese is part skim and natural. The meat and sauces don’t contain any preservatives, trans fats, or chemicals.

–       The best ingredient, or shall we say best ingredients, are the toppings. They include options from their unique categories such as, Omnivore, Superbiotic, Sonoran, and Mediterranean. Some include: pepperoni, hamburger, ham, bell peppers, artichoke, mushroom, black olive, and onion, among others.

For more information on the mouth-watering pies visit Naked Pizza’s official blog at

There’s also spinach salad and mojomega breadstixx available as delectable extras.

Naked Pizza is located at1260 Washington Ave., Miami Beach