Live in Vince Vaughn’s Mom’s House

Recently on the market is the five-bedroom, six-bathroom house of Sharon “Shea” Vaughn, mother of actor Vince Vaughn. The 6,000 square foot Lake Forest estate is priced at $2.395 million. Momma V has recently embarked on her own acting venture including a series of fitness and wellness videos entitled SheaNetics. The property overlooks the Mellody Farm Nature Preserve. the perfect spot for Shea to align her chi.

When in town, Vince and his wife Kyla Weber reside in a $12 million duplex of the Gold Coast’s Palmolive building. The couple bought the penthouse unit in 2006 in one of the city’s priciest residential real estate transactions. Vince’s mom is now rumored to be taking up residence in one of the other condos in the landmark building.  Like mother like son.

Vaughn also plays landlord to a River North townhouse, which he usually rents for $9,500 a month. Since the economic collapse, he’s lowered the asking price to $6,900. How cool would it be to rent from the original Wedding Crasher?