Salvatore Ferragamo’s iPad Case

The iPad is everywhere.  We have spotted it on the subway, on an airplane, in restaurants and coffee shops, and even Central Park. But what, we wonder, are these tech savvy individuals enclosing their latest prized possession in?

Well, if you haven’t found the perfect travel case—with a fashion twist—then might we recommend Salvatore Ferragamo’s iPad case. This ultra luxury product was designed with form and function in mind; it fully encloses the Apple iPad in a structured case complete with magnetic closure offering comfort and security for your device. And the inner Alcantra lining provides an extra layer of protection. The Salvatore Ferragamo logo is emblazoned in golden brass on the outer flap.

Says James Ferragamo, Director of Women’s Leathergoods and Handbags, “Ferragamo has always been dedicated to offering sophisticated, quality leather accessories that provide for all lifestyle needs. Technology and design are constantly evolving and we are proud to be at the forefront of this advancement.”

Indeed they are the forefront. Ferragamo is one of the first luxury brands to design an iPad case for summer 2010. Their sleek design is available in farmed calfskin leather and a beige canvas style with brown leather trim and exterior leather strap. Colors range from black, mandarin, and moss green leather. Prices range from $290 to $390, and you can check out for more information.