Locally Grown Menu Choices Grip the Palates of Most Hamptons Chefs

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has us all thinking about the environment more then ever. It’s on our minds, it’s what we’re talking about, and it’s all bothering us. Finding a way to preserve our environment while still conducting the business of doing business is becoming more crucial with each passing day. It is a discussion that must be embraced by every big industry. Determining how to blend the enjoyment of fine dining with preserving the beauty of our environment is a conversation that foodies from both coasts have long been having.

The concept of eating locally, or becoming a locavore, has spread to most, if not all, of the fine establishments in the Hamptons that serve some of the most delectable food in the world.

Nearly all of the chefs here utilize the incredible amount of locally farmed produce that the gorgeous North and South Fork farms of Long Island has to offer. Owners of the famous Manhattan restaurant Serafina, Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato have embraced the concept of locavore, with most of the vegetables served at their new East Hampton restaurant Serafina East, coming from local farm stands.

The same is true with Robbin Haas at the Montauk Yacht Club’s exciting new restaurant Gulf Coast Kitchen as well as Chef Paul Labue at the new Navy Beach restaurant in Montauk.

But most notably, and what is very different about the restaurants in the Hamptons compared to the food elsewhere, is its dedication to local vineyards. The wine lists in the Hamptons offer a wide selection, but always, you will find wine that comes from the North Fork or the South Fork such as the incredibly good Wolffer Estate Vineyards that has drawn an enormous amount of attention over the years thanks to their master winemaker Roman Roth, who expertly puts together some of the finest bottles of wine money can buy. And of course, all the grapes are grown right in Bridgehampton.

Even the famous Nick and Toni’s in East Hampton, serves up locally bought vegetables and fish.

If you want to really impress dinner guests at home, you can purchase locally grown food at Round Swamp Farm in East Hampton, all organic by the way, as well as organically raised chicken at Iacono Farm in East Hampton. I highly recommend both places and it will be sure to impress your guests as well as keep your body extra healthy.

We can all do a little good for the environment by eating local and using less pesticides and less fuel to carry food. And let’s not forget how it supports local farmers and the local economies of the communities in which we all love to be in.