Dancing Queen: The Haute 5 Dance Clubs in New York City

Lincoln Center Damrosch Park

From June 29 to July 17, 2010 Midsummer Night Swing will be all the rage at Lincoln Center. In it’s 17th season, this outdoor dance party features 15 theme nights — including swing, salsa, tango, rock ‘n’ roll, and more. Start at 6:30pm with a group dance lesson, and at 7:30pm the live music starts and goes until 10:00pm.  Follow their breaking dance news on Twitter at @LCSwing and add photos on Flickr.

Lincoln Center Damrosch Park is located at Amsterdam Ave. and W. 62nd St, 212.875.5000


If Al Pacino’s Tango scene in Scent of a Woman is your idea of a night on the town head to DanceSport, a hot spot across from the Empire State Building. DanceSport came into national acclaim for their choreography of Pacino’s famous Tango Scene. It has also grown to be the largest ballroom and Latin dance studio in New York City. Lessons daily and parties every evening. Students come to dance, socialize and practice new moves. From swing, salsa, argentine tango or the hustle, dance the night away. The studio also holds annual gala events. Schedule is online.

DanceSport is located at 22 W. 34th St., 212.307.1111


To get down and groove to the kind of jams which solicit guys in popped pony shirts in shades of pastel, over the shoulders tied cable knit sweaters, khakis and accents of plaid head to Southside. Girls are young, hip, and ready to break into Flashdance at a moment’s notice. You may laugh, you may even cry, but one thing is for certain you will dance. Favorites such as Brown Eyed Girl, The Twist, Leader of the Pack, Da Doo Ron Ron play into the wee hours of the night to an ultra prep scene with serious turn, twist and shout action.

Southside is located at 1 Cleveland Place, 212.680.5601

BlkMarket Membership

For a night of youthful energy, endless DJ tracks, waves of color and light, and arms waving in the air, head to BlkMarket Membership. Voted New York Magazine Best All Night Dance Club 2010 and rightfully so. The four year old club has held over 150+ mind racing, heart thumping events that go way beyond sunrise. Headliners hit the stage around 3am. To complete this transcendent experience head to Enid’s for breakfast and the best Bloody Mary this side of the Atlantic.

BlkMarket Membership changes venues every party and is kept in secret until you RSVP. Check the website for details.


To dance the night away at a trendy meatpacking spot head to RdV. Until recently it was viewed as an intimate relaxed lounge without much foot tapping movement, but lately the scene has changed. It’s young, fresh, and can be uber cool depending on your cup of tea. Oversized glasses, neon shades, fedoras and a taste for bottle service. Go late for the best dancing.

RdV is located at 409 W. 13th St., 212.675-2400