Bagatelle: A New York City Insider Weekend Tip

Though most of us jet out of New York City to escape the heat of summer island fever, there are times that you find yourself inevitably shipwrecked on the island. What to do? With everyone frolicking to Hampton soirees, Nantucket barbecues and even as far as Turks and Caicos, you may feel well… alone. Rest assured you are not.

Sabrina Chapman, Steven Ekerovich and Michael Balducci

The closest thing to the South of France that you can get to without getting on an airplane is Bagatelle. You will find your long lost pack for sensational weekend fun. Food so delicious that you loose your dignity over. Star photographer Steven Ekerovich, myself and good friend Michael Balducci joined their most hospitable staff and uber hip crowd for MJ party, a tribute to honor Michael Jackson, this past Friday evening.

An evening of toasting rose, dining on refreshing crudite, petite bites of gnocchi that melt in your mouth, veal chop that end in near indecent bone licking and profiteroles that make your once seeming lonesome weekend into one of the sweetest memories of all.

Profiteroles at Bagatelle *Photo courtesy of SBE Photography

Bagatelle is located at 409 West 13th Street New York, NY 10014  212. 675.2400

For web savvy follow @bagatellenyc for updates on parties. Tweet them cause they will tweet you back.