Real Drinks, Digital Flirting at Touch iBar

Touch iBar in Lakeview puts your iPad to shame. Featuring interactive TouchLife tables and a Minority Report-esque touch-screen wall, say good bye to the days of fighting for a spot at the bar and sending drinks via a waitress. That’s so last century.

The uniquely designed TouchLife tables are interactive tables that offer digital entertainment merged with self-service ordering. Bundled with entertainment software applications such as drink ordering (bottle service, mix your own, choose by mood) table to table chat and interactive games, you can IM the hotties at the next table, interface with their digital mixologist or bid on songs from the DJ directly from your seat. Making a virtual connection? You can connect via facebook, youtube, or any other iPhone app directly from your table. Be careful what you type though, the screens are quite large if you know what I mean.

That’s not cool enough? You can also play virtual spin the bottle or create a personal virtual “liquor cabinet” that will store your favorites and order history for next time. The bar itself has rocking beats and a cool lounge-y feel. Get your picture taken and it will instantly show up on the table.

iTables require reservations on weekends, and there are only 5 of the coveted TouchLife tables. You’ll need to drop some dough on the bottle serve to iFlirt away. And in case you were wondering, they’re waterproof for any spillage.

This is the real social media 2.0.

Touch iBar, 1622 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago.