Own Part of the Original Playboy Mansion

Think You’re A Playboy worthy of Hef’s extravagant lifestyle? Well, now you can live like one. Part of Mr. Hefner’s original Playboy Mansion on Lakeshore Drive is for sale for a cool 2.9 million.

The 3 bedroom, 3.1 bath condo is the only unit in the building that leads out to the mansion’s private garden and includes a private patio so you can throw your own epic Mid-Summer’s Dream parties. Though Hef hasn’t resided in the Windy City since the ‘80s, the original Chicago mansion has seen it’s share of debauchery, silk pajamas and bunny ears.

The 48-room mansion is now a landmark and tourist attraction full of history and rich with glory and secrets in it’s walls. Designed by architect James Gamble Rogers in 1899, Hefner originally donated the house to the Art Institute of Chicago when he moved to Cali. In 1993, the building was gutted and divided into seven expensive condos, so the indoor swimming pool, the sealed living room trapdoor and brass plate over the door warning ‘If You Don’t Swing, Don’t Ring’ are gone forever.

Though the girls are not included in the asking price, Chicago does have more girl-next-door types than LA so you might just get lucky.

Your New Address:
1340 North State Parkway #1S 
Chicago, IL 60611

Check Out the Virtual Tour Here.