Om: The Haute 5 Yoga Studios in London

Living in a city, any city, can really take its toll on your energy and stress levels. Luckily the last few years have seen almost everyone take to yoga in some form or another. From stressed-out company execs to yummy mummies, there are those wanting to lose weight and those wanting to introduce their feet to their forehead via a backwards handstand. For Londoners, doing yoga is now as much a part of daily life as trains that are forever late and dodging tourists in Covent Garden.  There are hundreds of yoga studios and acclaimed gurus in London. Here are five of the best.


One of London’s most popular yoga centers and one that constantly gets rave reviews, Triyoga has a huge following of fans.

Now with two studios, one in Covent Gardena and one in Primrose Hill, Triyoga offers a whole range of six-week courses for all abilities as well as drop-in classes and treatments. You can also tap into classes for fitness, age, or lifestyle specific approaches such as the yoga for seniors, pregnancy yoga, yoga for people living with disabilities, and even yoga for kids. Triyoga prides itself on its no nonsense approach to teaching yoga. In its own words, “you don’t have to eat tofu, follow a particular religion or be any specific shape to enjoy the benefits of yoga.” It doesn’t end with yoga either. Pilates, ayurvedic treatments, hypnotherapy and massage are all to be found on the extensive menu of options. If you are looking for hundreds of ways to makes yoga a part of your life then Triyga could be the perfect option for making changes to your life.

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Yogi Cameron

If Yogis had an A-list, then Cameron Alborzian would top the chart. Formerly one of the most successful male models in the world, Cameron has graced the cover of Vogue and was handpicked by Madonna to play her lover in the “Express Yourself” video. Since those days, Cameron has turned his back on getting by with his appearance saying that “Outer beauty doesn’t play any role in inner beauty” and instead has become a yoga instructor to exclusive clientele and celebrities the world over.

For up to £20,000 a week, he will he will fly from his home in New York, stay in your house, educating you on the benefits of a yogic life. Treatment periods vary from one to 14 days and can be adjusted to your schedule or condition that need treatments. Cameron’s treatments often include ayurvedic massages that send clients into a deep, two-hour sleep to cleanse the mind and body of toxins. Clients have reported feeling less desire to eat huge meals, and some have easily given up coffee or other addictions following his advice. Of course, I’m sure that having an ex-supermodel following you around your home is always going to provide motivation for a more beautiful life.

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Alchemy’s beautiful studio in the heart of Covent Garden is real haven from the fast-paced city life outside. Originally one of the historic stables built in the late 1800s, this magnificent space is blessed with expansive rooms and airy vaulted ceilings. Large windows allow a flow of natural light, and from the moment you enter the atmosphere is not only tranquil and calming, but also uniquely energizing.

In addition to the private treatment rooms there is the Yoga Room designed for the more active processes of yoga and the Circle Room that allows opportunity for inner reflection.

More than just a practice for those wanting to get in shape, Alchemy’s experienced tutors say their methods will help you “heal, discover your truth and joy, and reconnect with your highest self.” Whether it’s traditional forms of yoga, including Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Jivamukti yoga, meditation circles, life counseling or a variety of restorative holistic therapies, there will be something to expand your understanding of yoga practice. With workshops, events, a café and juice bar, and a general community vibe, Alchemy is a special central London space offering much more than your downward facing god and cobra poses.

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Subodh Gupta

Celebrity trainer, Subodh Gupta is the author of numerous books on yoga, weight loss, and stress management and he regularly appears in magazines and newspapers in India and the UK. Today Gupta is based in London and conducts yoga, weight loss, meditation, nutrition and stress counseling sessions for celebrity and corporate clients. Gupta incorporates Kapalbhati breathing techniques into his practice, a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise where quick exhalation and natural inhalation are performed. Gupta explains that breathing exercises helps improve the digestive system, strengthening abdominal muscle as well as energizing the mind for mental work.

For a personal training session with Subodh Gupta at his studio or your home or office call 07966 275 913.

The Shala

Tucked away in Clapham North, The Shala colorful and intimate studio is a yoga hub and community for ashtanga practitioners of all abilities. Previously known as the Sangam, The Shala was established as south London’s first dedicated yoga centre more than 15 years ago.

Gingi Lee, founder and director of the Shala, is a respected teacher who has remained at the forefront of the ashtanga yoga community. He began teaching martial arts in the 1980s and has been teaching ashtanga yoga since the mid-90s. Lee has trained and inspired many British yoga teachers and has played a key role in popularizing ashtanga yoga in the UK.

The Shala website describes itself as; ‘is a place of self-exploration and healing, which offers a strong sense of community and a warm, supportive environment.’

The entre offers classes in Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar-influenced dynamic flow, Yin, and pre- and post-natal classes as well as weekend retreats, four-week courses, and private tuition. Making it easy to incorporate yoga your daily life, early morning and lunchtime classes for all levels are also on offer.

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