Strauss and Tepperberg Hit Harvard to Talk About the Magic of Marquee

The world of nightlife has always been a bit intriguing, but in recent years, it has certainly started to explode as one of the “it” businesses to be in for the movers and the shakers of NYC’s social scene.

With that in mind, if you’re a young gun just starting out, wouldn’t it be wise to perk up and pay attention to the trailblazers of the industry? Hundreds of Harvard students received just such a golden opportunity today when two of our favorite club kings, Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss, made the trek over to Boston to share some of their words of wisdom.

Back in 2008, Anita Elberse, a professor at the Ivy League business school, published a study, along with two of her students, Sheldon Wong and Ryan Barlow, called Marquee: The Business of Nightlife, delving into the dynamics of the staying power of this venue, particularly in such a fickle industry and city.

While Marquee may be one of their oldest club babies, Tepperberg and Strauss have been hard at work since opening those doors several years ago. In fact, they went bi-coastal and Strauss runs the Vegas operations like Lavo, while Tepperberg is overseeing the East Coast expansion that has included the hit gastrolounge Avenue.

If you couldn’t make it over to Harvard Square for the day, do not fret, because we count these two in our elite circle of friends, and have recorded their insights on NYC nightlife several times, just for you. Check it out: