Scent of a Woman: San Fran’s Master Perfumer

Tired of your signature scent? Artisan perfumer Yosh Han has you covered.

Blending unique and signature fragrances for the last 17 years, Han owns the San Francisco-based perfumery, Yosh. Dedicated to capturing that perfect scent for all of her customers Han says, “[come with an] open mind and open heart.” After all, you never know where the process might lead you. And those fixated on a single emotion or smell will find himself or herself lost in the process.

Where other perfumers look to the likes and dislikes of a client, Han focuses on intuition to blend the new emulsion. With the option of smelling up to one hundred different aromas, Han urges clients to sniff blindly—there’s nothing like finding out you actually like the smell of, um, dirt.  Favorite hobbies, foods and sports all play a role in the process at Yosh. Are you a Mac or a PC? They just may ask. And your answer just may lead to the most sensual or the fruitiest fragrance. Either way, you will be take care of. And just may find your ‘new’ signature scent.

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Via Luxist