Paul Smith’s Bold Expressions

Paul Smith, known best for his bold menswear, has teamed with Danish design firm Stelton’s tableware on a collection of stainless steel house wares. In celebration of the firm’s 50th anniversary, Smith was asked to reinterpret design’s from Stelton’s archive of pieces.

The collection includes Smith’s interpretation of architect and designer Arne Jacobsen’s Cylinda line of tea and coffee pots. The updated line, which was originally designed in the 60s, injects vibrant pinks, yellows, and greens on the handles. He also reworked Jacobsen’s cocktail set for Stelton, in a black steel finish—each of these designs are engraved with quotes from Smith, like “take pleasure seriously,” or “start something new.” Of the collection, Smith says, “I was unsure whether I should take on the task of reworking such a beautiful, timeless set of designs, however once I realized that I would just give a new lease of life through color, I felt more comfortable.”

He also designed a set of bowls, with blcoks of white, baby pink, purple, and vivid orange painted on the inside. The collection launches at the Paul Smith store on New York’s Fifth Avenue this month, and is priced from $75 to $599.