The Kaiser’s Entrée Into Bocce

Leave it to Chanel to design a double-C emblazoned bocce set. The sport, most played by the Euro set, has ancestry in the Roman Empire but can thank the Italianos for developing it into its present form. The luxury fashion house has always had a knack for producing lust-worthy sporting goods—there’s already an inflatable raft, hand-assembled bicycle, three-wheel scooter, fishing rod and reel, and more in the mix—so it’s no surprise Mr. Lagerfeld found inspiration in this leisurely activity.

Released just in time for the “bocce” season, the wicker and leather basket is embellished with Chanel’s infamous logo. The jack—official lingo for the smaller ball in this sport—is typical in form, but the actual bocce bowl is a sleek spherical orb featuring ever more Chanel branding.

So, while our idea of fun might not involve throwing balls around an asphalt court, this chic basket has enough allure to tempt us into a game. We may not be experts, but it never hurts to look the part.

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