Custo Barcelona Wraps Up Funkshion with “Hairy Metal”

It was ideal that the night of March 13 was a breezy and rather chilly one, because in the heart of Miami’s Design District, things were heating up. The stage was set for the Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2010 runway show, “Hairy Metal,” which was the closing event of Funkshion Fashion Week.

As the evening settled in, the Design District was abuzz with art seekers hopping from gallery to gallery during the monthly Art Walk. But on the corner of 39th Street and 1st Court, people converged to appreciate the art of fashion. While some unsuspecting locals wandered over in their everyday duds to check out the scene, Miami’s fashionistas arrived in their finest to take in the show.

Some guests (obviously locals) hadn’t tucked their winter gear back into the closet quite yet, evidenced by the furs, leather jackets, and leggings seen amidst the crowd. Others wouldn’t let the brisk weather (which didn’t dip below 60 degrees, a temperature that does feel arctic in Miami, especially in March!) stop them from showing some skin by way of short dresses and sleeveless outfits—both staples of the typical Miami wardrobe.

Inside the temporary structure, magenta lights bled through the entry lounge. To the left, white couches marked the barrier to the VIP area, while on the opposite side, a display of fashion items created by students at the Art Intitute served as a museum of sorts for guests to peruse before the show. A pair of shoes made entirely of cork from wine bottles, a blue suede belt with a jewel-encrusted belt buckle, and a shaggy coat were the highlights of the makeshift museum.

By 10 p.m., everyone was in their seats to witness the Custo Barcelona collection being strutted down the runway. It was a parade of sparkling inspiration that captured the flavor and exuberance that Miami fashion mavens love. The Hairy Metal title was apropos, as the collection was a clear experimentation of metals mixed with faux furs, resulting in sleek lines and silhouettes. Capes drenched in sparkling gems and boldly colored scarves wrapped the necks of the models like boa constrictors. Of course, signature Custo Barcelona elements (namely graphic designs) were evident in the leggings, suits, dresses, and jackets. The color palette consisted of grays, purples, and jeweled blues mixed with pops of red, giving the collection’s strong lines and metallic elements a dash of fun. Throughout the show, I overheard fellow attendees whispering, “Oh, I like that one,” and “I want it!”

In typical Miami fashion, after the 11-minute fashion show concluded, an after party got started. Guests filed into the lounge area, where two cars by the show’s sponsor Chrysler were on display. The atmosphere was as lively as the collection, and the entire event was a fitting closing to a fun Funkshion Miami Beach.