And Today’s Winner Is…Hautest Actress Meryl Streep

In our most recent issue of Haute Living Los Angeles, we premiered our Hollywood Power Players feature, identifying the who’s who that are running the industry, and thus, keeping their competition running scared. Some of the names that made our list, proving that they are powerful forces to be reckoned with in Hollywood, include Ari Emanuel, James Cameron, and Ryan Kavanaugh.

Yesterday we chose Johnny Depp as the Hautest Actor in Hollywood. Today, we highlight another winner of our Haute Hollywood Awards.

Drumroll please.

Today’s honoree for Hautest Actress in Hollywood is the elegant and dynamic Meryl Streep.

As with Depp, Streep may not have taken home the Academy’s highest award this year, but she is still haute in our book. She employed the strategy of graceful wit when taking a backstage to Sandra Bullock’s win. This week, she is proving that she is still a Hollywood Power Player. Reports surfaced that Streep and Bullock have had preliminary talks about teaming up for a mother-daughter drama on the silver screen. While we won’t hold our breaths to see if and when that plays out, we will be waiting patiently to watch our Hautest Actress entertain us again this year.