Seal the Deal Meals: Haute 5 Places to Power Lunch in Miami

Sealing a business deal can often be all about timing and atmosphere, and that’s why we know Miami’s top players are always on the hunt for great places to power lunch in the city. Here’s a list of some great spots to grab a bite while the person sitting across from you signs on the dotted line.

Joe’s Stone Crab

For the past 98 years, people who have visited or resided in Miami have come to adore the pure delightfulness that is Joe’s Stone Crab. Serving lunch and dinner, this restaurant has also become infamous among Miami’s power players as a great spot to power lunch. The atmosphere, as described by Zagat, is an old city feel combined with a power scene. Reservations are not taken, and lines can often build up quite quickly due to its popularity, so come early. There is outdoor seating on a patio, an elaborate wine list, and even take out available if you’re really on the run. Appetizers include items such as shrimp cocktail, oysters, marinated grilled artichoke, and coconut shrimp. Their stone crab sells at market price and can be enjoyed in varying portions including medium, select, large, and jumbo, all served chilled with mustard sauce.

Joe’s Stone Crab is located at 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-673-0365