Eno Vision is the Latest In Luxury Entertainment

Finally we can say goodbye to the days of unsightly television sets and interior design woes in terms of television placement. The future is here and Eno is bringing in a sigh of relief to interior decorates and technology enthusiasts alike, with their innovative mirror TV systems. The unique system offers the technology of reflection versus transparency ratio (1080i/p HD contents).  In other words they came up with some technology to hide your TVs with mirror technology. And no this isn’t the quick-made technology of two-way mirrors, which lets face it didn’t do much for the resolution. This is patented global technology at your service, allowing you to watch your favorite daytime soaps or games anywhere in the house without the annoying presence of the television set and in optimal visual indulgence.

Plus clients can also enjoy Eno’s globally patented technology of touch screens, polarized LED backlights, self heat-sink mechanisms, separable uni-body chassis with magnet-enforced structural frames, IP67-Certified 100% waterproof for both indoor as well as outdoor installation environments, 100% customizable mirror and frame materials and designs, various LCD sizes (from 7” to 52”) and quick & easy do-it-yourself maintenance, plus much more. Hurry before your neighbor beats you to it and this technology becomes passé.

Via: EnoMirrorTV