Designer Roland Mouret Introduces Grown-Up Men’s Tailoring

There is nothing sexier than a well-dressed man. Rolled-up cuffs on a tailored, but worn in white shirt, a black cashmere scarf loosely hanging from the neck, and a crisp trench-these are just a few images conjured up when I think of today’s stylish man. He is concerned about quality and detail but wants no frills–in clothes, and in life. In his debut menswear collection deemed ‘Mr,’ designer Roland Mouret offers up pieces in what I’d like to think Steven McQueen would wear traipsing Paris at night in the fall. Items such as reversible cashmere sweaters, jackets without stifling buttons on the sleeves, and wool trench coats with concealed pockets on the interior, fall in the price range of $360-$3200. These are clothes definitely made in mind for the man’s man…and the fact that’s he is all grown up now.

Via: WWD