Vertu’s V Accessories

Vertu, the brand known for it’s extremely stylish and expensive mobile phones, has come out with a new extension of high-tech accessories created to complement the brand’s developing realm of luxury, handmade mobile phones like the Constellation Ayxta.

First previewed at Baselworld, the inaugural collection features a Vertu V Bluetooth Headset and Vertu V Memory Card reader, together with uber modern versions of the traditional ballpoint pen and a small leather goods.

The Vertu V Bluetooth Headset (shown) is made of stainless steel and high quality resin, and is worth for $730, The Memory Card Reader is a discreet USB memory stick with the ability to expand its memory capacity via a micro SD card. A three stage connection process also lets users easily transfer data between a Vertu handset and computer. It’s price? $490.

The Vertu V Ballpoint Pen has a masculine look colored in black and steel, and has a techy twist mechanism. The small leather goods collection with matching accessory cases made from Vertu’s highest quality black saddle leather goes for $330.

Via: Luxist