Topshop On Top

They gave us the Beatles, they gave us David Beckham and now Britain has added another name to the list of gifts that have recently made their way over the pond. Yes ladies I am talking about Topshop; and what is not to love? Fashion forward styles, lingerie, shoes, accessories this boutique is the new version of mom’s department store.   It’s no wonder shoppers are voting it as the best boutique.

What had once begun as a small shop buried in the basement of department store, Peter Robinson has evolved in the past forty-something years into a staple for fashion conscious shoppers. In the 90’s the now well established retailer had managed to fill their entire 900,000 square foot flagship store with to-die-for garments.

Today over 900,000 customers visit the retailer every week, that includes their website as well.  If this isn’t convincing enough perhaps the 300 styles available each week will change some minds.  Unlike other retailers who only carry a certain number of styles every month or so, Topshop offers their customers a medley of fashionable options. Topshop clients get a pick from 40,000 pairs of shoes each week, 2,500 up-to-date dresses, and an impressive eight underwear sets per minute.  And it Topshop wouldn’t be very vogue if they didn’t carry collaborative collections from today’s fashion big wigs; Kate Moss and Celia Britwell collection are available. Okay so the celebrity collaboration thing may be getting a little overrated, but these garments are actually pretty chic. Don’t take my word for it; check it out at the Soho locale. Already Topshop is quickly becoming a New York favorite, I guess all I have to say is, thank you England, thank you.

Via: Luxist