Tis the Season for a Little Alcohol

So it’s that time of year again—secret Santa gifts, Christmas parties, and non-stop shopping. As if finding the perfect presents for family and close friends weren’t stressful and time consuming enough, there are also outer circle acquaintances to consider. As long as the people you’re shopping for aren’t recovering alcoholics, the easiest, and perhaps one of the most enjoyable, gifts to give is the gift of alcohol of course.

First on the list of the fabulous spirits to give others or even yourself is La Vie Grand Marnier. The bottle is a metallic red and is a limited edition which makes it an even better holiday gift. It even comes in a French vintage-inspired box. Tres magnifique! The next gift up for grabs is the Pommery Pop Champagne collections. You can go the mini bottle brut route, or even opt for the large-and-in-charge bottles. Pommery has the Pop Art Collector sets of bottles or you can purchase the single bottles of the bubbly on their own. For the Champagne enthusiast, Pommery is a must. And speaking of Champagne enthusiasts, Armand de Brignac’s Prestige Cuvees are also impressive. Each bottle is $300 and comes in its own exclusive black case. You can choose from Champagne Rose, Champagne Blanc de Blanc, or Brut Gold. You could even take all three if you like. Talk about an amazing gift!

Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur is also a must for any chocolate lover with a taste for really rich but super smooth sweetness. This will surely be a hit at any holiday party when the coffees and espressos start circling the room. But so will Kahlua’s limited edition Arabica Coffee Cream Liqueur. So which one will you choose?  As said about the Champagne, why purchase just one? Pick them both up, especially when you consider the price of the Kahlua cream—a cool $18.99 online. And for the high-end fashion connoisseur who could drink cosmos while shopping all day? The perfect gift for them is most certainly a bottle of Cointreau designed by Catherine Malandrino, limited edition of course.

These are just a few ideas in the alcohol realm that would suit almost anyone and their wish list needs. Others worth mentioning include Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Year, Effen Black Cherry Vanilla Vodka, and Corzo’s Complimentary Labels. So eat, be merry, and don’t forget to have a drink for goodness sakes!

Via: Luxist