Tiger Seeks “Privacy” in the Bahamas

It seems that after Tiger Woods admitted to his alleged scandalous affairs, he has decided to hide out in the Bahamas on his luxurious $22.3 million yacht. Named “Privacy” (how fitting!), this 155 foot vessel is sure to give him all the privacy he needs. The yacht offers optimum luxury and comfort to its guests and includes a gym, Jacuzzi, and sky lounge bar. With its gas tank of 12,000 gallons, it has a range of 4,000 miles. Anchored at Old Port Cover in North Palm Beach, Florida for over a week, its security had been working full time, as the crew even attempted to conceal the yacht’s name by draping a sheet over the bow of the vessel. On Saturday morning, the boat left town. Let’s just hope Tiger and “Privacy” are able to achieve some much needed meditation time.

Via: Luxury Launches