Three Special Editions of the Bugatti Veyron

Love Bugatti cars? So do we! For those following their latest models, they finally brought out three special editions of Veyron at the Dubai Motor Show. The three models are the Veyron Nocturne, Veyron “Sang d’Argent” and the Grand Sport “Soliel de Nuit. The Veyron Nocturne has polished wheels and a “black nanocoated magnesium dashboard” with a center console with galvanized platinum, and it will also come with “galvanized side windows” to match the polished aluminum body panel accents. Only five cars of this model will be available to buy.

The Veyron “Sang d’Argent” will sport a silver metallic finish and alloys, while the convertible Grand Sport “Soliel de Nuit” will be available in “country coded” colors like silver metallic.

These puppies will be available in the first quarter of 2010, and their price tags will vary between $2.1million and $2.5 million.

Via: Luxury Launches